The Importance Of Clean Air

Lots of us seem to spend more time indoors than out these days whether it be at home or the office. Meaning we have less opportunity to breathe fresh clean air unless we make changes so indoor air is frequently changed. The environment in which you work can make a huge difference to your health. […]

A common problem with air conditioners

One of the most common air conditioning problems faced by users is when the air conditioning system is not giving the desired level of cooling. If this happens, it is important to get the air conditioner serviced at the earliest opportunity, to avoid any damage. You may want to check for the probable causes of […]

Service your air conditioner for a cool summer

It is important to regularly service your air conditioning unit to maintain its efficiency and performance, if you don’t, your air conditioner is exposed to about 5% loss of its original efficiency every year. Servicing your air conditioning unit frequently will not only retain its energy efficiency, but will also ensure that cool, clean air […]