How to keep your car cool this summer

Summer is just around the corner and drivers prepare for another ‘car ovening’ experience. We’ve all had it when we’re setting off to work on that warm day, only to realize that our inexpensive car lacks air conditioning.

And whats worse than sitting in a hot car waiting for the traffic to start moving?

To help keep cool and comfortable this summer, follow these simple tactics…

1. Plan your route and travel times

Try to keep your route shady and take as many short cuts as you can, as the longer you spend driving through the heat, the hotter your car will get.

2. Pull down the windows, and crank up the fan

Though this sounds obvious,  it is probably the most effective way to keep your car nice and cool.

3. Install window tints

This can reduce a lot of the direct sunlight from entering your car.

4. Store ice in the car

Pack some ice next to your cars ventilation system to cool and prevent the car from overheating.

5. Dress casual

If its a long drive to work, you may be able to drive in shorts and a t-shirt, then change in the bathroom at work, keeping you cool and fresh for the day ahead.

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