How to save money with air conditioning

Despite having a reputation for being expensive, air conditioning is actually very cheap and is a very effective way to cool your home or office.

If you’re looking to save even more money on air conditioning this summer, follow these strategies:

Switch on the built-in timer at night.
If it gets too hot at night, which it can, you can turn on the built-in timer at night. This will save the expense of all-night air conditioning and will switch off the system automatically after a set time.

Use the ‘fan’ mode.
On occasion, the air conditioning option may be too overpowering and unneeded. Therefore, it is best to use the fan-only mode to reduce costs and electricity use.

When not in use, switch it off.
When you’re out the office, or away from home and the air conditioner is still switched on, unnecessary costs will be building up and the electricity usage will be wasted. Therefore, it is best to switch it off.

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