London Underground cooling

In summer, temperatures in parts of the London Underground can grow very high and it can become very uncomfortable for the public due to lack of cooling systems in the tunnels.

A project has been put together by the company, Morgan Sindall, to install a system to cool the platform areas at Green Park underground station in London.

The project has been funded £9 million to install eight air handling units on the station platforms. The units will be fitted through a series of boreholes in Green Park.

The setup is going to be the first of its kind, and Morgan Sindall are expected to complete the project this summer.

Jag Paddam, managing director of infrastructure at Morgan Sindall, said: “Morgan Sindall has previously worked on similar Cooling the Tube projects for London Underground and we will be applying this past experience to ensure this project is completed on time and for the benefit of the traveling public.”

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