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Service your air conditioner for a cool summer

It is important to regularly service your air conditioning unit to maintain its efficiency and performance, if you don’t, your air conditioner is exposed to about 5% loss of its original efficiency every year. Servicing your air conditioning unit frequently will not only retain its energy efficiency, but will also ensure that cool, clean air […]

What you should consider when buying an air con

There are many different varieties of air conditioners available to choose from, all with different functions and features. But which is best to choose from and why. Firstly, you should check your room size. It is crucial to know that the air conditioner you have chosen fits the room well. If it isn’t appropriate for […]

How to save money with air conditioning

Despite having a reputation for being expensive, air conditioning is actually very cheap and is a very effective way to cool your home or office. If you’re looking to save even more money on air conditioning this summer, follow these strategies: Switch on the built-in timer at night. If it gets too hot at night, […]